Thomas L├╝dke ( Vocals, Keyboards ) wrote the Song "Love is a kind of  Mystery"  
and starts the Band "INVISIBLE LIMITS"

The singles "Love Is A Kind Of Mystery" and "Devil Dance" came out and brought immediate fame.
Thomas left 'Invisible Limits' due to different ideas of music.

"Push!" Maxi-Single, which was first released under the Project Name ' The Invincible Limit ' followed by
THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT Debut Longplayer "Current News" incl. "Push!" and club hits
"Make A Device",  "Provoke You".
Meanwhile the band got huge in the German EBM scene as well as outside the country.

"Contact" released. A re-release of  INVINSIBLE LIMITS Song
"Devil Dance" - harder, typical "Spirit"-Style, with Philip Boa on guitars.

EP "Aou!", second album "The Rollercoaster Revolution",
EP "Saveheads", a live album and LP "Can Sex Be Sin?" (1992).
After "Showdown" 1994 TIS disappeared.

The EP "Faster Life" relaesed. The Band started to play some live Gigs again.

Legends United Tour in Germany with PSYCHE and THE FAIR SEX.

The mini-album "The Invincible Sex" is released in cooperation with with The Fair Sex.
Also the band decided to make the sold out back catalogue available
again and compiled "Anthology" - a Best Of, remastered.

2005 - 2012:
Still not working on a new album, ...a several live activities.

2013 - 2014:
Working on a new album, ...and several live activities.

New album "anyway" released.
17 brand new Tracks.

current line-up:
Thomas Luedke ( Synth, programming, Vocals ), Anja V. Live Keyboards